Do you have unoccupied parking lots within your garage?

PAYUCA for garage owners

Having unoccupied parking spaces means lost revenue with the same fixed costs. PAYUCA utilizes your empty parking lots and generates additional revenue for you.

Additional revenue

PAYUCA rents out your empty parking spaces and thus generates even more revenue for you - without any additional hassle.

Without any hassle

PAYUCA takes care of the hardware installation and branding of your garage, so you can sit back and relax.

Monthly settlement

The revenue will be transferred to your bank account on a monthly basis and you will receive a statement showing all of your parking logs.


Our team of professionals stands by and takes care of your concerns and requests.

Advantages for garage owners

Additional revenue with PAYUCA

PAYUCA takes care of the setup

Smart access even for current renters

Proven security benefits due to access logs

Advantages for property managers

No need to advertise empty parking lots anymore

No need for security deposits

No hassle with lost keys anymore

Overview over every access and parking logs

Access management over the cloud

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