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General Questions

All general questions about PAYUCA
What is PAYUCA smart parking?

With PAYUCA smart parking car drivers have the possibility to park in private garages. For only 2,00€ per hour and maximum of 16€ per day, PAYUCA is even cheaper than short-term parking zones. Not only does the PAYUCA app show free parking lots and garages but you are also able to open garage doors, gates and entrances with the app.
What functions does PAYUCA smart parking offer?

With PAYUCA smart parking you are able to reserve your parking space 3 hours in advance from which the first 30 minutes are free. On our PAYUCA app you can see all our locations and by choosing the desired garage the app navigates you to the garage location. You receive the settlement/bill at the end of the month to the email address which you have stated in your customer profile.
Can I register without a smartphone?

No. In order to use PAYUCA smart parking you need to install our PAYUCA app. Our PAYUCA app is free and available for Android and iOS. The registration to our system goes through the PAYUCA app, the verification with your mobile number.
Can I use PAYUCA smart parking without a smartphone?

Yes. After you registered in the PAYUCA app you can go to the menu and under “Request NFC-Chip” you can order a NFC-Tag. For example, if your phone is out of battery you have the possibility to start and end a garage process with the NFC-Chip. The function “visit car” is only available in the PAYUCA App. The costs of 2,70€ for the NFC-Chip is going to be debited directly from your credit. The shipment will be send within a week and is currently only possible to Austrian addresses.
Are there any binding costs with the download of the app?

No. PAYUCA smart parking is free and available in the Google Play Store for Android and for iOS in the Apple Store.
Is my phone compatible?

For Android, you need the minimum version of 4.3 or higher. For iOS, you need to the minimum version of 10 or higher.
Where can I find a list of all locations?

You can find a list of all our garages in our app or on our website.
How much does the reservation for a parking spot costs?

The first 30 minutes are free. After that it costs 1€ for one hour. You can reserve your parking lot to a maximum of 3 hours in advance. The payment follows afterwards.
How much does one hour parking costs?

One hour parking costs 2,00€. The payment follows afterwards and is only visible after you end the parking process.

Technical Questions

All technical questions about PAYUCA
From the garage entrance to the stairway are interconnecting doors, how do I open them?

At every interconnecting doors, you can find PAYUCA gateways. These gateways communicate with your phone via Bluetooth and open the door as soon as you are getting close to it. Attention: The PAYUCA App has to be active. If you don’t have battery anymore then you can open the door with your NFC-Chip.
What does “Visit Car” mean?

The option “Visit Car” gives you the possibility to go to your car without ending the parking process. That means that you are able to bring your shopping bags comfortably to your car without ending your parking process.
How can I end a parking process?

Through opening the entrance door to the stairways, which leads to the garage, you end your parking process if you choose the option “end parking”. Please check if your Bluetooth connection is activated so that the PAYUCA App can communicate with the gateway. Another option is to end a parking process with your NFC-Chip by holding it against the gateway. After the check-out, you have 15 minutes time to leave the garage.
How much time do I have to leave the garage after check-out?

You have 15 minutes to drive out of the garage. After 15 minutes we set the parking lot to available in our system for other users. If you haven’t left the garage after 15 minutes we evaluate it as false parking.
How can I leave the garage?

Follow the PAYUCA signs to the exit. At the exit ramp, you will either find a robe, a marked button or a light sensor. You can’t open the garage door from the inside with the PAYUCA App or NFC-Chip.
How can I upload money onto my account?

On the PAYUCA App you can find the option “upload credit”. When you choose that field, you have the possibility to upload 10€, 20€ or 50 Euros. Please follow the instructions of the payment process. You can pay with credit card, PayPal or debit card/immediate transfer.
Which payment methods can I use?

You can pay with credit card, PayPal or debit card/immediate transfer.
How is the pulsing?

PAYUCA has a pulsing interval of one hour, so we bill each started hour. Don’t worry if you are close to starting a new hour, you have a goodwill interval of five minutes before the next hour is billed.
What happens when I don’t have credit anymore?

You get notified per SMS before you use up all your credit during an active parking process or reservation. Please upload immediately credit to your customer profile because without credit you aren’t able to enter a garage even though you have an active parking process.

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