Flexible possibilites to park & charge

In office buildings, a wide variety of user groups are affected by their parking situation and its management, create a pleasant experience also incorporate electric charging stations.

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Main benefits

  • Property owners

    Smart Charging

    • Low costs for base installation
    • Upgrading of the property through modern EV-charging infrastructure
    • Increase the value of your property

    Smart Revenue

    • Fast amortisation of your investment
    • Increase the value of your property
    • Become part of a sustainable solution
  • Property managers

    Smart Charging

    • Holistic electrical installation concept including cost statement
    • No organizational effort during implementation
    • Hassle-free billing and maintenance
    • Full service for tenants

    Smart Revenue

    • Make better use of vacancy outside office hours
    • Save costs through remote management
  • Office Manager

    Smart Charging

    • Cost-effective and convenient charging for employees
    • Your own Wallbox for your parking space
    • Transparent & demand-oriented subscription models

    Smart Revenue

    • Convenient parking for your visitors

Also suitable for other use-cases

Do you own, manage, or plan any other restricted parking facilities? Our solutions are suitable for a wide range of application areas and needs.

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