From planning to invoicing

We take over the complete planning of the e-charging infrastructure for you and create an individual and scalable installation concept for each property, including an offer for the realization of the base installation.

  • On-site inspection
  • Coordination with the grid opperator
  • Offer incl. installation concept

Base installation

Typically around 15-20% of the parking spaces in the entire garage are prepared for the use of EV charging stations. The costs for each parking space are in between 1500 and 2500 euros, charged as a one-time fee. We coordinate all the structural, electrotechnical and official measures for you.

  • Coordination of all trades
  • Cost effective in acquisition and follow-up costs

Wallbox subscription & Energy

As soon as a long-term parker switches to an electric car and wants to charge it in the garage, a subscription for the use of a wallbox including a suitable green electricity tariff can be booked directly through PAYUCA. The subscriptions are calculated according to individual mileage and start at EUR 29.90/month.

  • Full service for your tenants
  • 24/7 support hotline

Billing & Maintenance

We take care of the entire settlement with your tenants. Thanks to our subscription models, which we conclude directly with the long-term parkers, there will be no further accounting expenditures on your site. We also take care of the annual maintenance of the installed EV-charging infrastructure.

Discover our solution in this video

Watch our explanatory video and learn all the details of the steps necessary to provide long-term parkers in your property with a scalable charging infrastructure.

From the installation concept to the first charging process

Charging your own e-car, as easy and practical as with a smartphone. Relaxed, at home, with low costs. All inclusive. Scalable to over 100 EV-charging stations.


We regularly work with real estate developers, owners, property managers, cooperatives and technical planners in order to find the best solution for your property.

  • Verification of the on-site conditions and requirements
  • Advice in the structural planning
  • Electrotechnical concept
  • Hardware recommendations
  • Consideration of the grid connection


With PAYUCA as a partner, you need not worry about a thing. We take care of everything.

  • Obtaining the hardware
  • Coordination of all trades
  • Installation of the charging station
  • Connection to the IT system
  • Electrotechnical test
  • Employee training


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Frequently asked questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

PAYUCA currently only offers the Smart Charging solution for rented residential buildings, as the legal framework makes it very difficult for a community system in apartment owners corporation.

After getting in touch and the "installation check" has been carried out, the project can be implemented within two to three months, depending on the availability of the necessary professionals.

After positive completion of the "installation check" and commissioning, all further tasks are completed by PAYUCA. The property management and the owner do not incur any additional expenditure of time.

Yes, after the long-term parker subscripted, the respective EV-charging station will be activated by PAYUCA. The charging process is started and ended via app or NFC chip, which protects the EV-charging station from unauthorized access.

Similar to Internet or cable TV contracts, PAYUCA takes care of the billing directly with the long-term parker and thus takes a lot of work off the property management team in particular. There is no need for separate billing by the property management.

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