Additional revenue through the utilisation of free parking spaces

Unlock your empty parking spaces and make them accessible to short-term parkers and commuters via the PAYUCA Smart Parking App.

We install everything, no hassle for you

We install the access hardware at all existing barriers and take care of indoor & outdoor signage for an optimal parking experience.

Receive monthly reports of your garage usage

Get more insights about the actual usage and your respective profit for each parking process via PAYUCA dashboard.

Trusted by more than 150 garages

Integrate your garages into our established network, which is already used by over 70 well-known property owners and property management companies.

Discover our solution in this video

Watch our explainer video and learn all the details about the interaction of our software with the access system and the on-site parking experience

How parkers can access your garage

Unlock your garage in the simplest possible way and guarantee users a pleasant parking experience.

  • Smart Parking App

    Users open doors & gates, reserve & book parking spaces, and pay for parking - all in one app.

  • NFC Tag

    Convenient for offline usage. Access via NFC technology ensures dependable security and works without any mobile connection.

Combine the right solutions for your needs

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Our hardware solution

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Frequently asked questions

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Both solutions can be used simultaneously. We ensure that the respective user groups will have the best user experience with our services on site. Smart Revenue is also available separately to exclusively exploit vacancies. The costs and fees do not change.

Our customer support is available via our 24/7 hotline and takes care of all technical and operational problems. So this means no extra effort for you. This service is included in our fees.

We have registered users only. All accesses are documented, therefore increased security and control are ensured.

More revenue through intelligent vacancy management

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