The time for the Smart City has come#

In the beginning, there was the idea, as with many start-ups, to simply fill a gap. For us, it was literally the parking spaces in private long-term parking garages, where supply and demand did not have an appropriate platform to even meet. Parking spaces were empty while drivers made their laps. As a result PAYUCA was founded. Our short-term parking app, which uses existing resources in an intelligent way, has meanwhile advanced to an established and sustainable alternative to the classic car park and short-term parking zone.

Of course, we have encountered some obstacles over the years. We made mistakes, but also gained valuable experience from which we drew and implemented the lessons for our further development. Our vision has solidified step by step and today we at PAYUCA know more than ever what we stand for and what goals we are pursuing.

The entire team works every day to turn our vision of making the use of off-street parking as easy as possible into a reality.

To achieve our vision, we don't just digitize existing analog processes. No, we think completely differently. We create new solutions with innovative approaches to efficiently and sustainably solve the problems of our time.

The shift of stationary traffic away from the surface and towards existing garages to make more space for people in the city is only making the present challenges more complex. Just like the proportion of electric vehicles is increasing enormously, and therefore investments must be made in the digitization of garages to meet the customer's future needs.

The potential in the future is enormous. Solutions from PAYUCA, enable our customers from the real estate industry to monetize, digitize and electrify their managed garages and can thus meet the steadily increasing demand for such solutions.

We now have the perfect timing to be able to roll out our solutions on a broad basis and will thus make a significant contribution to making our cities more sustainable for the future.

Your Dominik Wegmayer
CEO & Co-Founder, PAYUCA Parking Solutions

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